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Mega Man II – “Anymore” (BlackPerson)

April 27, 2010

What would happen if videogame heroes got fed up with their jobs? “I quit! I am tired of this game! I quit! And I don’t wanna be MEGA MAN ANY-MORE!” This song came from good old VGMix 2.0. Anyone else remember those golden days?

Mega Man II – “Anymore” (BlackPerson)

If you hadn’t guessed the theme it’s based on, try “Metal Man”. It’s actually kind of funny, too, to think of Dr. Light and Mega Man as black dudes.

Sadly, most of BlackPerson’s recordings have pretty poor audio (this is one of the better ones) and 128kbps encoding didn’t help either. Guess he needed a better mic! Oh yeah, the double ending is too ridiculous. However, it’s still pretty funny! (Especially for a slightly disgruntled Mega Man fan.)