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Lunar Silver Star Harmony – “Battle of Light and Darkness” (Noriyuki Iwadare)

April 11, 2010

About ten years ago, Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete was released for the PlayStation, the first remake of the classic Sega CD game. I suppose it wasn’t complete enough because last year they remade the game again for PSP as Lunar Silver Star Harmony. The game actually has a pretty good soundtrack, and the second track on the limited edition album, “Battle of Light and Darkness” covers some of the main themes and is a good introduction to the game’s music. This album came with the special edition of the game. It’s in FLAC, so remember to dig out your player.

Lunar Silver Star Harmony – Musical Selections – “Battle of Light and Darkness” (Noriyuki Iwadare)

“Battle of Light and Darkness” is a nice fusion piece that sounds as if it came from aCastlevania game. The combination of strings, piano, and guitar in the intro creates a slick, dynamic sound that jumps right into some fancy piano dancing straight off the deep end of the jazz scale. The rock battle action takes a nice break at 1:03 for “Luna’s Song”, the beautiful, melancholic choral piece, before jumping back into the action (Luna is pictured above). A nice range of emotions here, centered around some excellent orchestral rock.

The composer, Noriyuki Iwadare, has done all the soundtracks in the Lunar series as well as Grandia, Phoenix Wright, and Zan -Kagerou no Toki (posted a few days back). He has a very well-established career. For Silver Star Harmony, Iwadare re-recorded all the music from Silver Star Story, using live instruments, many of which he performed himself. The result was not to change the impression of the original songs but to “enrich their quality”. (This interview at Square Enix Music Online contains many other excellent questions about Iwadare’s other work). Hishomepage has an English version as well.

As for Lunar, the game was incredibly popular among Sega CD fans (and is kind of a legend among PS1 owners due to the game’s rarity). I personally wasn’t deeply moved by the PS1 remake (maybe a little too old at the time?). Still, it’s great to see the game find a re-release on the PSP so new audiences can experience it.