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Super Darius II – “Olga Breeze” (arr. T’s Music Co. Ltd)

December 6, 2009

Here’s some more guitar-driven shmup music, this time “Olga Breeze” from Super Darius II on the PC-Engine (Taito, 1992). This track is taken from mpc rips of the game CD converted to mp3.

Super Darius II – “Olga Breeze” (arr. T’s Music Co. Ltd)

“Olga Breeze” has some great naval-esque instruments implemented into the music, matching the giant space fish theme of the Darius series. The guitar plays an easy-going tune reflecting carefree flying over the ocean beneath a bright blue cloud-filled sky – or in this case over the solar flares of the sun. In either case, there’s some pretty sweet flying going on. The piano accents add a great touch of energy to the heat and power of the guitars.

Super Darius II was originally released for the arcade in 1989 and was composed by Hisayoshi Ogura (Darius, The Ninja Warriors).  Read the rest of this entry ?


Rastan (rem. Glyn R. Brown)

November 29, 2009

One of the best arcade soundtracks of the 1980s has to be Taito’s Rastan (Arcade, 1987). The original chiptunes probably don’t sound like much by today’s standards, but they were pretty amazing at the time, especially for their orchestral quality, which was something new to game music. With the release of Metroid (Hirokazu “Hip” Tanaka) and The Legend of Zelda (Koji Kondo) in 1986, vgm was completely redefined by a move away from pop music and more towards atmospheric and orchestral music that would match the on-screen action and help emotion ooze from every screen. Here is a remix revisiting some of those first early flowerings of the art form:

“Rastan” (arr. Glyn R. Brown)

I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. While it doesn’t have the pulse-pounding beat of the original, Glyn R. Brown’s mix of Masahiko Takaki‘s (Darius II, The Ninja Warriors) “Aggressive World” is a more sweepingly epic rendering of Rastan‘s Frazetta-esque barbarian vs lizard man action. Ok, the theme also evokes wide open country, hero-land with mountains and forest and desert, the kind of place a warrior can jump on a horse and ride through and seek his fortune. It’s a place ruled by sword and fang where stereotypical/archetypal supermen do what they’re designed to do and all the rest of the normal girly-men can imagine being in Conan’s shoes. Or leggings. I’m sure the woman singing the vocals is doing a great job telling us about Rastan’s mighty deeds, and some prophecy or somesuch. In any event, the drums, strings, and war horns are the “Blood and Trumpets” so fitting of an action game of this caliber. Read the rest of this entry ?