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Out Run 2 – “Magical Sound Shower” (Hiroshi Kawaguchi)

December 4, 2009

“Magical Sound Shower” is a pretty fun tune and one of vgm’s most popular songs. It originally appeared in the arcade game Out Run back in 1986, but has since appeared in every single version of the game. Some are better than others, but I happen to like the version from Out Run 2 (XBox, 2004) the most.

Out Run 2 – “Magical Sound Shower” (Hiroshi Kawaguchi)

Out Run is about driving fancy convertibles (namely a Ferarri) with a young blonde woman in the passenger seat and racing through famous tracks to beat the clock. The series really hasn’t changed much since then, and there are plenty of racing (or ‘driving’) games that follow the same formula. The game is about the glamor of driving, and the music really shows. “Magical Sound Shower” uses piano, saxophone, and steel drums to give a great beach-side feel. Though the title is a little odd, the track really does ooze atmosphere and gives a sense of driving aimlessly, just for the fun and feel of it. Incidentally, it’s also kind of weird for me to listen to this track now because I used it for my ringtone – I keep thinking I’m getting a call!

The original track as well as this version were both composed by Hiroshi Kawaguchi (aka ‘Hiro’), who has composed numerous other works for Sega including Galaxy Force, After Burner, and Bayonetta.