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Game Music is Dead (Koji Hayama)

December 7, 2010

When I started this project last October, I knew what was going to be the final song I would add. Fittingly enough, it is “Game Music is Dead” by none other than game music bad-boy Koji Hayama. Why? Because with a title like that…why not!? While the song isn’t game music, it’s taken from an album that includes game music arranges in it, Game Music is Dead ~ The Successive Kings. There’s a lot of Cho Aniki in there as well as some TwinBee arranges. And for some reason, “Game Music is Dead” is on the album twice… I suppose to prove the point! Now normally, when you buy two things, you can give one to your friend. Unfortunately, you can’t give your friend the second song because it’s on the same CD… So it’s like a Twix bar. Two for me, none for you. Then again, like a Twix bar, the album was affordable for a time. Back when was an actual store and not an ad portal (GameMusic is dead!), you could buy this album in clearance for about $10. Now the gamemusic apocalypse (vgmpocalypse?) has come and game music is dead. Action, Shooting, Item, Simulation… It’s all gone, and we are left only to rave. Long live game music!

Game Music is Dead ~ The Successive Kings – “Game Music is Dead” (Koji Hayama)

And there you have it! This is the end of the project. Thanks for reading! Look forward to checking out some album reviews in what might be known as “VGM Weekly”. But we’ll see.


Play the Credits Music Loud: A Project at its End

December 7, 2010

Thank you for reading Video Game Music Daily! I started this blog on October 20, 2009 and have posted and discussed one song per day until today, December 7, 2010. Though you might remember today for other things, there really is no significance to ending it today – I simply happened to run out of stuff I wanted to talk about today! (Well ok, I DID run into a rock mix of 1942 a couple years back, but I haven’t been able to find it on my hard drive! However, there is another version on Dwelling of Duels played on kazoos…). Since I have talked about most of the music I am familiar with, in order for me to talk about new music in detail, I realized I would have to listen to a whole new soundtrack each day – which is not something I have the time for (and it’s not like it’s my job). This and I realized that the blogs have been taking up about one hour of my time to write – that’s even if I got home from a trip at 3 AM, I still would spend some time writing about a song. If you think about it, that’s 1/24 of an entire year, spent on just one thing!

Anyway, I started this project as ‘post one song a day for one year’ and it extended a little beyond that initial scope when I realized there was a little bit more I wanted to discuss. The idea was to both keep myself busy on a project I could sustain and share the love of game music to hopefully introduce more people to vgm and expand the variety of what fans already listen to. Of course, my own tastes sort of limited what is on this blog, as the big keywords ‘KONAMI’, ‘CASTLEVANIA,’ and ‘YASUNORI MITSUDA’ attest! So this is by no means an exhaustive look at game music, though there is quite a lot on here! I suppose this means these are mostly my favorite songs or ones that stood out for me over the past year.

I also tried to expand the project a little through special features such as:

The project has changed a bit over the years, initially starting with the idea of posting JUST one song… Read the rest of this entry ?