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Valkyrie Profile – “Behave Irrationally” (arr. Corran)

December 4, 2010

So yeah, I’ve been getting these out a little late recently, so for the past few days it’s been a little less Daily than usual… Anyway, today’s is an arrange from Valkyrie Profile, another one of the Viking games that I’ve started but haven’t quite beaten. Valkyrie Profile takes the premise that Rangarok is coming and the Valkyries have to be very busy these days to collect enough souls and train them for the final battle (why they decide to do this at the last minute is anyone’s guess…). The game doesn’t take place in medieval Scandinavia, but rather spills over into what looks like 16th Century England, complete with anime warriors and some trips to Japan. Still, that doesn’t keep it from having an interesting mix of Norse mythology. Anyway, the game is interrupted frequently by long story sequences where you get to hear the background of the guy whose soul you’re supposed to collect. The song that plays most commonly in these is “Behave Irrationally”, which fits with whatever brought this poor guy to his death. There’s an excellent arrange of this by Corran from VGMix 2.0 that’s worth a listen.

Valkyrie Profile – “Behave Irrationally” (arr. Corran)

The arrival of the Valkyrie is a mystical moment, one that requires tenderness and reflection as it is a crossing between two worlds and an evaluation of the soul. Corran uses echoing pounds from the drum, like rolling waves crashing against the shores of the other world. With brass and flutes, there is a sense here of human failings, of decisions made at the heat of emotion, the song a silent reflection and promise of redemption. The original used primarily a music-box of chimes and flutes. A wonderful expansion on another fine soundtrack by Motoi Sakuraba (Star Ocean).

“Behave Irrationally” had some other interesting arranges. One of these is a Viking Metal piece by CHIPP Damage and Fray from OCR, “The Shining Blue Armor Descends“. While I usually don’t listen to death metal (I get nothing out of the growls), the song is presented here as an epic ballad that if not using poetry of the skalds, has a presentation of battle and glory that most Vikings would have been proud of.

Another thing that springs to mind… If all the good warriors went to Valhallah, then why is there such a big problem about fighting the Ragnarok? Odin’s got the best players on his team. Maybe Loki gives everyone steroids in Hel to get them super-pissed off… Still, if you’ve got Beowulf, Toshiro Mifune, and Chuck Norris on your team, is there really any contest?