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Heavy Metal Thunder -The Recordings-

November 24, 2010

I found about this soundtrack a few years back to my pleasant surprise – to a rock fan like me, a title like Heavy Metal Thunder (not to be confused with the Saxon album of the same name) has to be good! And it certainly was: 45 minutes of total rock-out, a wide variety of styles from super-talented musicians. And it wasn’t just good metal, it was Japanese metal where you can’t understand what the hell they’re screaming about – which makes it all the more awesome. Take the title song for instance, “Heavy Metal Thunder” by The Sex Machineguns. Both the name of the song and the name of the band demand some attention. I mean, just check out this cover:

Heavy Metal Thunder -The Recordings- – “Heavy Metal Thunder” (The Sex Machineguns feat. Michael Schenker)

The Sex Machineguns are one of Japan’s top heavy metal bands. Their skills are among the best in the world. Though they have not made a number 1 single or album yet, their work consistently sells out almost instantaneously throughout Japan. Their name is inspired by the Sex Pistols because they believe that “machineguns are more radical than pistols.” “Heavy Metal Thunder” appeared on their ninth album of the same name and later became the title of a crappy robot fighting game by Square (they can’t make a fighting game to save themselves). It was also the name of a late-night rock show that pit the best bands against each other to make the ultimate rock-out. Note that “Heavy Metal Thunder” also features Michael Schenker. Schenker is one of the ultimate rock-out dudes, who played in UFO and founded Scorpion.

My translation of the lyrics and more after the break.

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