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Super Turrican II – “Farewell” (arr. Chris Huelsbeck)

November 7, 2010

When it goes to ending tracks that give a sense of finality and desolation, “Farewell” from Super Turrican II (1994), arranged on Chris Huelsbeck’s Sound Factory: Digital Audio Collection I (1995)┬áhas got to be one of the most complete, and it’s a much stronger rendition than the original SNES version. There’s a perfect combination of deep drum beats accented by a synth string orchestra and rock guitar. The main melody, played on a synth line, has long notes that tug at the sadness in the heart, waving goodbye to a constant companion before dissolving into the dark. Particular car was taken with the piano. The Sound Factory arrangement leaves a much stronger impression, with a mournful wail from synth line, a sad-sweet fluttering from the melancholic piano, and sinking guitar. There is an amazing piano solo in the middle of the track supported by emotional rises from the strings. The drumbeat is more strongly defined with a soothing rhythm that inspires a hollowness in the soul that is filled with the melody that strains for a joyful resolution but simply cannot reach far enough. The album is available off Amazon and iTunes.

“Farewell” was the ending from the final game in the Turrican series. The Turrican soldier stands outside the scarred starship that took him through the black hole to fight the the army of the Machine and thinks back to all the battles he fought and realizes that there are no more after this. It seems almost as if Mr. Huelsbeck had a premonition that we would not see any more Turrican games… (or for the 14+ years since the last installment, it might as well be ‘farewell’, but I sure hope we see him again!). Read the rest of this entry ?