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Castle Crashers – Swampland (Waterflame)

October 28, 2010

I’m a fairly big fan of Castle Crashers (probably why there’s a few tracks from it on this blog…) and when I was looking for a zombie track to put up, I realized that a) I’d already used music from WarCraft III and b) I’m not familiar with theĀ Resident Evil soundtracks (nor do I yet have the soundtrack to ZombieSmash…maybe if it was in FLAC…). Anyway, “Swampland” from Castle Crashers is a nice ‘zombie invasion’ theme to fit this time of year. The Castle Crashers soundtrack was very interesting in that the majority of the songs were already written by artists on Newgrounds. Waterflame, a Norwegian composer, contributed several pieces, including “Space Pirates”, the forest theme, but I think this is the best piece he contributed. The other interesting thing is the tracks just don’t loop very well in-game, as they contain a very short (but noticeable) audio gap (something that I think could have easily been remedied by deleting a half-second of silence at the end of each track). In any event, the version uploaded here is actually a looped version of the original (which you can get off of Waterflame’s Newgrounds page).

Castle Crashers – “Swampland” (Waterflame)

“Swampland” is the kind of gloomy, oppressive stuff you’d expect to find in a zombie hideaway. A deep, moaning strings section opens the track, over which is quickly layered a haunting music-box piano and atmospheric percussion from snake rattles and cymbal scrapes. The track simply seems to ooze mist and creatures of the dark places. Each instrument adds another layer to the piece until one minute in when the exotic bongo beat rises from the bubbling muck like the sloshing feet of the undead, until it rises to a chanting height for the final 30 seconds. Great stuff for fighting shuffling zombies and black knights. Did I mention this game was awesome?