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Jets ‘n’ Guns Gold – “Koala Squadron” (Hubnester Industries)

October 10, 2010

I’ve already placed one song from the venerable Jets ‘n’ Guns soundtrack by Machinae Supremacy, but I feel the Gold edition requires a little exploration because the new tracks were just that good. The game’s developer, Rake in Grass, was unable to afford Machinae Supremacy’s now skyrocketed hiring costs (thanks in large part to the success of JnG and their other albums!) and so farmed out some of the work to Nooly and Hubnester Industries. The music for the most part stands up to Machinae Supremacy’s work…with the exception that the OGG files included with the game are all in 64kbps! Swedish music development studio Hubnester Industries, who did the majority of the soundtrack, is now apparently bust (their homepage doesn’t work!), and so there is little hope of them ever releasing an official soundtrack.

Jets ‘n’ Guns Gold – “Koala Squadron” (Hubnester Industries)

“Koala Squadron” plays in the space race mission where the player has his suped-up ship taken away and now must race with a piece of junk biplane (JnG features biplanes, zepellins, and WW2-inspired aircraft in space) through a racecourse full of mines, rings, and gold (lovely combination). It’s a kind of SID metal hoedown, thrashing and barnstorming with 8-bit electric banjoes and fiddles with the trademark chiptunes coupled with metal. I’ve found that the music plays better over crappy speakers actually! I couldn’t even tell this was 64kbps at work 🙂

I’m hoping they will eventually release a high-quality version of the soundtrack, but for now we’re pretty much stuck with 64kbps. Hubnester Industries (along with Machinae Supremacy) has also done part of the soundtrack to the as-yet-unreleased War Angels. Doesn’t look like THAT one will be finished, either, but Starscape WAS finished and looks like a lot of fun.

Anyway, you can get the full version off Lost VGM (or by picking up the game, which is worth the $30 if you’re a shmup fan!). Because the new tracks end abruptly, it actually works well to string them all together in a playlist – the transitions are fairly seamless!