Lunar 2 – Eternal Blue – “Orange October” (arr. Quinn Fox)

October 6, 2010

Here’s a quick arrange from Lunar 2 – Eternal Blue, originally composed by Noriyuki Iwadare (Alien Crush, Langrisser). “Orange October” uses a superb piano that twinkles into the melody, bold, bell-like notes filling the October sky with rays of light pouring smoothly through forest and swirling clouds, calm, cool wind beckoning winter. There’s even a nice whispering of bells and cymbals for a nice atmospheric touch. Noble brass guides us to a smooth finish.

Lunar – Eternal Blue – “Orange October” (arr. Quinn Fox)

In all, “Orange October” prompts images of verdant forest and rolling plains in the early turn of autumn, with majestic trees slowly turning their summer vestments from green to orange before shedding them in a lazy, flickering swirl of color. It’s a short piece that grasps perfectly the quick change of the fleeting season. The piece is based off the original, “Silver and Blue”, a sweetly longing piece played with harp and ocarina.


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