Symphonic Legends – “Ending Medley” (arr. Jonne Valtonen)

September 24, 2010

September 23 saw yet another feather in the cap of the German Symphonic Game Music Concerts series (Symphonic Shades, Symphonic Fantasies), Symphonic Legends, a concert dedicated to the themes of Nintendo games. The concert was live broadcast around the world from the official website and some clips from the live broadcast have now found their way to YouTube. The concert was conducted by Niklas Willén with many of the pieces arranged by Jonne Valtonen (PLAY! A Videogame Symphony).

Though my favorites include the F-Zero, Mario, and Starfox medleys (and I still have to listen to the epic 32-minute Zelda piece – my internet crapped out during the intermission) I felt the Encore performance of the “Ending Medley” was a good pick. The piece opens with a lovely interpretation of the Wind Waker ending theme, complete with the ethnic, Celtic instruments used throughout the soundtrack, particularly the flute and bongo (and actually, I believe that’s Rony Barrak on the bongo! He did a bongo solo for Symphonic Shades). The piece then transitions to the beautiful Super Mario Galaxy at 2:25 before playing a short segment from Zelda at 4:05. The real treat here though is the ending theme from Super Mario Bros, complete with a 50-some-person choir. While I’m not very good at picking out lyrics (particularly when sung by a large choir), I will say the effect is quite impressive. The final segment beginning at 5:08 I have trouble placing, but I think it might be a few more notes from Super Mario Galaxy. Admittedly, I was hoping for the ending to Metroid!

Needless to say, the concert should be produced in album form within the next year or so, considering how every other concert done by Symphonic Game Music Concerts has been produced in an album. Interesting to note: though the concert sold out back in March, there appear to be plenty of empty seats! Maybe some people decided to leave early?

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