R-Types – “Data Menu” (USP, Tomohiko Sato)

September 17, 2010

Here’s another favorite: R-Types for the PS1. Back in 1998, Irem was celebrating the launch of R-Type Delta with a re-release of R-Type and R-Type 2 for the PS1. The games featured a pretty straight-up port of the arcade originals, with the addition of level select as well as some prerendered cutscenes (with music composed by Tomohiko Sato). There was also a nice gallery that included a history of the R-Type universe, from the development of the first R-series spaceships to the invasion of the Bydo. Great stuff!

R-Types – “Data Menu” (USP, Tomohiko Sato)

R-Types also included some original music, one of which was this nice “Data Menu” theme. It’s got the trademark guitar sound of the series, a perfect combination of hip and Joe Cool. The melody even uses a scale similar to the famous “Stage 1” theme of the original. The track perfectly fits the hangar depicted in the background, a lazy beat like a tour through the relics of war, those famous fighter craft tuned up and serviced before being sent back to the line. A celebration of the machines of war, the heroics of the solitary crack pilot, as well as the glory of the games that feed on this legend.

Tomohiko Sato is credited with composing the music for the CG sequences. He also worked on Ogre Battle, Mega Man 6, and MAG. USP (which I think is a group) is credited with the audio. I’m not sure which one did the menu theme.


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