Mega Man XTreme – “Spark Mandrill” (Toshio Kajino, Saori Maeda)

September 13, 2010

Game developers are well known for porting their best franchises over to portable consoles. Mega Man had been no stranger to this, finding five ports of the original series and two of the X series. All had good conversions of the game audio, the original Mega Man porting better thanks to the 8-bit sound. However, Mega Man XTreme (2001), the rendition of the X series, also did a good job of converting SNES tunes over to chip.

Mega Man XTreme – “Spark Mandrill” (Toshio Kajio, Saori Maeda)

“Spark Mandrill” is one of the best tracks from the original, and XTreme is no exemption. Even with the Game Boy Color’s four sound channels, composers Toshio Kajio(Mega Man X5, X6, Mega Man Legends) and Saori Maeda (Resident Evil 3: Nemesis) manage to pull off the rocking beat of the original with its hopping drum beat and the amazing melody, which is instantly hummable and easily memorable. If there’s one thing that the Mega Man series doesn’t lack, it’s excellent music!

The original version is actually a bit more awesome, but it doesn’t dismiss the excellent job the sound team did converting it. A bold guitar with brilliant notes shines through with intense melody that just surfs across the electric wires with the bounding waves of a pounding drum beat that captures the pounding energy of the electric station in which Spark Mandrill has made his base. The track has some nice support from strings, and you gotta love the drums at 0:50.

The original soundtrack was composed by a whole crew: Makoto Tomozawa (Mega Man Legends, Dino Crisis 2), Yuki Iwai (Street Fighter III, R-Type Final), Yuko Takehara (Breath of Fire 2, Mega Man 7, 10), and Toshihiko Horiyama (Mega Man 7, Onimusha 2). Klub Konchadunga (Contra 4: Rocked ‘n’ Loaded) promises to have a rock album of the entire Mega Man X soundtrack out by December!

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