World Heroes – “TED (The Dark Ages)” (Amui Yasui, ADK Sound Factory)

September 10, 2010

So I have to admit I dislike the World Heroes Perfect Arrange Sound Trax (1995). This sucker was posted on Slightly Dark many moons ago. The tracks are in a mostly synth/electronica style that I’m not a big fan of, and I can’t say I ever played the game either (it was a Neo Geo fighting game by ADK). I also can’t say I appreciated the J-pop songs. This track on there caught my attention though, mainly because it’s straight-up weird.

World Heroes Perfect Sound Trax – “TED (The Dark Ages)” (Amui Yasui, ADK Sound Factory)

“TED (The Dark Ages)” opens with a trippy trek through the mushroom-infested swamps – you can almost see the haze of hippie smoke rising from the muck. Suddenly, at about 1:10 in, we are beset by super-funk synth rock, complete with disco swank. It’s like the 70s died and got transported back to 600AD. This goes on for a minute or so for some medieval disco groove when all of a sudden (2:23) we’re flung headlong into – of all things! – a harpsichord solo! It’s like there was a trend of harpsichord use at about this time with WarCraft II and Symphony of the Night bringing it back into style. We return again to the guitar funk at 2:50 before running smack into some ultra-odd synth lines at 3:10. Just what the heck is up with this song! I believe the soundtrack is Erik’s theme (as in Erik the Red). I’ll also say that World Heroes has some incredibly bizarre characters and endings to match. Just check out the endings to World Heroes Perfect…you Crazy Funster!

Anyway, the soundtrack was composed by ADK Sound Factory, the studio’s internal team that has done the rest of the World Heroes soundtracks. The music on this album was arranged by Amui Yasui (King of Fighters ’95 Arranged Sound Trax, Trigger Heart series).


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