Metroid Prime 3: Corruption – “Title Theme” (Kenji Yamamoto)

September 7, 2010

Because I like Metroid so much, here’s an encore piece, the “Title Theme” from Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (2008). An exceptionally epic piece, the theme sports a somber male choir supported by high sopranos to create a dynamic range that sounds almost lyrical. The choir is in turn supported by a sweeping drum like the crashing of ocean waves (0:29) and rattling snare taps that sound straight out from Terminator (0:50). This burst of emotion is accompanied by the flaming planet displayed on the title screen pictured below. This combination hits the heart and mind in all the right places, providing a somber memorial full of sadness, desperation, and the hope of forgiveness. The track builds to a climax at 1:08, breaking into strings dully thrumming the final notes of the original Metroid theme, a prelude through the depths of space. The track loops at 1:26. It is a truly sweeping prelude to the series finale that really demonstrates Kenji Yamamoto’s finest work.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption – “Title Theme” (Kenji Yamamoto)

Metroid Metal produced an outstanding arrangement of the “Title Theme” that incorporated “Bryyo” as well. The piece opens with high-pitched guitar ambience, a slow fade like the sunrise before exploding into the opening section of the main theme at 1:41. Brooding, minor-key guitars emphasize the sadness and melancholy of the song, a theme that permeates the entire game. There’s a nice acoustic break and solo here at 3:30 that provides time for reflection and has some interesting guitar echoes at 4:30 that sound a bit like StarCraft. The track then transitions into the heavy bass of Bryyo with its heavy, tribal beat and exotic twang. At just over seven minutes, “Theme/Bryyo” is mighty epic. It saw a rework on Metroid Metal’s recently-released EP Expansion Pack with better recording quality, but minus the acoustic section.


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