Super Metroid – “Theme of Super Metroid” (Kenji Yamamoto)

August 31, 2010

To celebrate the launch of Metroid: Other M, I’m running a week of Metroid remixes! First up is a perennial favorite, the “Theme of Super Metroid.” This amazing piece plays into the intro to the game when Samus narrates the story so far. The combination of pounding drums, heroic trumpet, and creepy choir sets the atmosphere perfectly for a series full of terrible monsters, epic battles underground, and biotech intrigue.  It really illustrates how much of a badass galactic warrior Samus is. Pay special attention to the drums at 0:44 and again at 1:40 – this section drops the accompanying instrumentation and relies solely on these pounding drums. You will definitely want to crank the subwoofer, as even from 1994, Super Metroid is one of the boomiest games out there. It was tracks like this which made Kenji Yamamoto famous and the official composer for the series up until Metroid: Other M.

Super Metroid – “Theme of Super Metroid” (Kenji Yamamoto)

The “Theme of Super Metroid” has appeared in more than a few games in the series, showing up in Metroid Prime 2 and 3 as well as a shortened version in Metroid: Other M. However, the arranges are where the track really shines, particularly Yoshiyuki and Masumi Ito’s “Theme of Super Metroid” arrange from Super Metroid “Sound in Action” (1994). The theme has a great trance element to it, with a synth bass that sounds like Batman, a synth choir, and dramatic strings instead of trumpets. And of course the drums are fantastic as well. Original material at the 2:10 mark with the choir fits perfectly with the rest of the theme, and the metal bars used for percussion fulfill the doomsday prophecy of the Metroids. Don’t forget the great echoing water drops at the 1:00 mark, too. Because the track is so awesome, it’s included here in FLAC format.

For another take, there’s Metroid Metal’s rock rendition. The “Prelude/Theme” played on guitars is wicked-cool. It’s got a smooth transition from the “Prelude” section to the “Theme” and in lieu of a choir, there are some high guitar whines; guitar also sounds perfect for the trumpet section. There’s an excellent combination of guitar and drumwork at 2:28, making it my favorite part of the song. Metroid Metal made an even better arrange on Varia Suite, which you can pick up for $8 from Bandcamp or Silent Uproar.

I’d also like to give a shout-out to Becket007’s orchestral remix that sounds like it’s out of Robocop or Total Recall and Sam Dillard’s “Metroid Overture” which includes “The Destruction of the Space Colony,” the game’s title theme. Becket007’s arrange also includes this, but he ends it with the Mother Brain theme.


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