Rockman 10 – “Solar Inferno” (Yasuaki “Bunbun” Fujita)

August 30, 2010

Mega Man 10 (aka Rockman 10: The Threat from Outer Space!) was a unique collaboration by staff of the previous 9 Mega Man games. The whole crew is here, though unfortunately the music doesn’t have quite the impact it did in the original games. I am a big fan of Manami Matsumae’s work in this album as well as that of Yasuaki “Bunbun” Fujita and Minae “Ojalin” Fujii. III’s renditions of the Dr. Wily stages are also excellent.

Rockman 10 – “Solar Inferno” (Yasuaki “Bunbun” Fujita)

“Solar Inferno” is by far the most intense piece on the album. Composed by Mega Man 3‘s Yasuaki Fujita, the track is some serious jazz/funk with a wickedly intense, driving drumline. Divided into four sections, the track is also one of the most complex tracks from the game – and one of the more complex from the 2A03. The piece opens with an inferno of drumwork before switching over to a buzzing melody that makes the square waves sound like a chiptunized hoedown that admittedly takes a little getting used to. Next we have more serious drumwork that transitions into a quick beat with C64-style oscillation – a rarity on the NES. This virtuostic piece really shows off not only NES chiptunes but also Bunbun’s tremendous composition abilities. Crazy awesome!

My other favorite tracks from the album include the upbeat “Nitro Rider” and  “Abandoned Memory (Dr. Wily Stage 1)”. “Nitro Rider” opens with classic Capcom synths and a simple, upbeat but catchy melody that sounds like it’s straight out of a late 80s Mega Man. At the same time, the track has a sense of longing. It’s really an excellent addition from Manami Matsumae, the woman who composed the first two Mega Man games.


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