Mega Man 4 – “Game Start” (Capcom)

August 27, 2010

Ok, here’s a classic. The classic Mega Man “Game Start” theme originally appeared in Mega Man 2 (composed by Takashi Tateishi). However, the original version had slightly different final notes, so the version from Mega Man 4 is the best. The other Mega Man games had different stage start themes (of which Mega Man 3 has the second-most interesting). Anyway, this theme is great because it has the perfect build of suspense. When this music plays, the robot master of the stage poses in front of a starfield background, taunting the player with his simple animations. The song is short, but the buildup is incredible, making it one of the best intro jingles ever. The jingle has since appeared in many other Mega Man games, but I happen to like the sound of the NES version of the best, perhaps because I have such good memories playing Mega Man 2.

Mega Man 4 – “Game Start” (Capcom)


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