Mega Man 6 – “Wind Swoop” (arr. Vurez)

August 26, 2010

Here’s another Mega Man piece for you guys by Vurez from his arrange album Intercontinental Contenders (2006). Each of the robot master themes from Mega Man 6 has its own unique ethnic flavor to reflect the country where it came from. Wind Man hails from China where he works in agriculture, but instead of having an Asian theme (which was reserved for Yamato Man), Vurez granted him a much more interesting symphony of lazy gusts of warm wind.

Intercontinental Contenders – “Wind Swoop” (Vurez)

While Wind Man can fire bursts of wind up to 200mph, “Wind Swoop” is a much calmer interpretation, more like a summer’s day in the park, flying a kite – or maybe to be more precise if there was a theme park based on wind. Vurez describes the piece as ‘light rock’ and he uses a wide range of instruments from two kinds of flute, strings, his trademark acoustic guitar, and that sexy saxophone to create a very warm, gusty sound that flows effortlessly from section to section. Vurez combines these instruments together for a glorious aural smörgåsbord, such as the end of the loop at 1:05 where the warm, hearty sound of the sax sax is married with high notes of the flute. This is an incredible song, probably Vurez’s masterpiece in the album, which is not surprising as it was his final entry in the set.


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