Mega Man 3 – “SPARK MAN ~ Spark of Sorcery” (arr. Alph-Lyra)

August 25, 2010

Here is a piece from the Mega Man 3, this time arranged by the Capcom band Alph Lyra. This is an arrangement of Spark Man’s theme called “Spark of Sorcery”. It’s a late 80s techno-electronica piece with a driving bass, slick synth guitar, and synth trumpets that go all-out. The track has a wonderful melody as well, something that is easy to remember and easy to hum, similar to the “Cutman” theme from yesterday (in fact, there’s a tropical arrange of this theme on the album as well). I happen to find Spark Man’s theme one of the most memorable from the game and love the electrical power that seems to surge from this song. This is one of my favorite mixes.

Rockman – “SPARK MAN ~ Spark of Sorcery” (arr. Alph Lyra)

Similar instrument sets were used for many of Capcom’s other arrange tunes, and these instruments in particular helped define the ‘Mega Man sound’ seen in many arranges of the time. In many ways, they seem to be aiming for the ‘definitive’ sound of the series, something beyond what the Famicom/NES could produce.

The album this is from, ROCMAN Arrange Version – ROCKMAN SPECIAL CD, was a special promotional album released in 1992 by Capcom. A second volume was also produced; both contain only five tracks. Similar-style arranges appear on many of Capcom’s other albums.

The original composer Yasuaki Fujita (aka Bunbun) worked on Breath of Fire as well as Rockman 10.


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