Mega Man – “Cutman Stage” (Manami Matsumae)

August 24, 2010

Here’s another Mega Man/Rockman piece, this time from the original (1987). Composed by Manami Matsuae (Sweet Home, Rockman 9, Rockman 10), the original Mega Man established the style that would be found in the rest of the series – a smooth blend of jazz and pop rock. With perhaps the most memorable track from the game, “Cutman Stage” demonstrates one of Matsumae-san’s best early works.

Mega Man – “Cutman Stage” (Manami Matsumae)

“Cutman Stage” is pretty short, a 35 second loop, but it does some interesting things in that limited space. First, it has a five-second intro, which is not very common in vgm of this time, which often starts with the melody and loops back to the start. While this certainly saves space, it does not make the track as memorable as if an intro is present, a first indicator that Capcom cared a lot about music. Second, the track has a trademark sound through the high-pitched beeps of the ‘piano’. The sound is quite unique and aids to the track’s memorability. Finally, the melody is smooth and hummable, easily stepping through the pentatonic scale with a reedy square wave. It’s sometimes hard to tell what magic in a song makes it memorable, but whatever it is, “Cutman” has got it.

While there have been a lot of “Cutman” mixes, I really don’t think any have been as good as the original. Of course, there have been some pretty good ones though, such as the rock arrange from the 20th Anniversary Rockman 1~6 Rock Arrange and the lovely piano arrange by McVaffe from OCR.

More interesting I think is the endearing nature of Cutman, who seems to crop up in a lot of other Mega Man games. Maybe it’s the giant scissors on his head, but whatever the reason, he looks very sinister in the original game (especially when shown on an old TV!). Now that’s character design!


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