Narbuncular Drop – “Narbuncular Up Intro” (Green Wire)

August 21, 2010

Sometimes I get soundtracks to games I’ve never played. Sometimes, these soundtracks are to games that are popular indy games that I know I should play but haven’t gotten around to. So when I see this soundtrack, I ask myself, “What the heck is Narbuncular Drop?” Well, turns out Narbuncular Drop is a 3D puzzle game developed by some Digipen students where you control a princess trapped inside a dungeon and help her escape. The game uses the mechanics later found in Portal where players hop through one portal and exit somewhere else. Conserve momentum to travel long distances.

Narbuncular Drop – “Narbuncular Up Intro” (Green Wire)

“Narbuncular Up Intro” is a pretty hip loungy music and some West Coast vibes. It’s a soft rock piece that has dreamy guitar strums and a sense of lost wandering. The music is very subtle, so it doesn’t stand out dramatically, and it has a drumbeat that is simulatenously solid enough to keep the mind focused on the music without really sensing the melody. It’s the type of music we might expect to see in the likes of Skullmonkeys. There’s even a bit of industrial work at 1:30.

Joshua Billeaudeau (Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2, Scribblenauts) and Jeep Barnett (Portal, Left 4 Dead) composed the soundtrack. Green Wire is composer Jeff Tymoschuck. Tymoschuck has composed several other games by Digipen students as well as James Bond 007: Nightfire.


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