Jurassic Park (SNES) – “Triceratops Trot” (Jonathan Dunn)

August 19, 2010

Jurassic Park for the SNES was one of those movie tie-ins by Ocean that had slogging, sub-par gameplay and appealed more towards fans of the film and novel than anything else (kind of like the kid I was at the time). I used to play this game all the time at my friend’s house. It’s an incredibly long and tedious game that involves remembering the locations of many different ID cards and fighting through some clunky first-person sections. Oh yeah, and a bunch of stupid missions like ‘collect all the eggs’ and an ending that basically gives you the finger. The game’s one saving grace is an excellent score by Jonathan Dunn. Dunn has composed most of Ocean’s soundtracks, including Jurassic Park 2, Platoon, and Bad Dudes. He seems to have stopped composing for games in 2003, which is unfortunate.

Jurassic Park – “Triceratops Trot” (Jonathan Dunn)

The best track on there by far is “Triceratops Trot”, the mountain theme. This track has a great funk beat, some nice tropical drums, and an enchanting flute. It also seems to want its own set of lyrics… The track really feels like Jurassic Park, even if the game doesn’t seem much like it (I guess they didn’t have access to a proper script – which doesn’t explain why they didn’t just use the book – and they also had a tight deadline). There have even been a couple of remixes, including Daniel Baranowski’s “Before Time“.

Honestly, the majority of the music here is good, excepting the interior theme. The combination of alliterative names and funk beats actually remind me of Donkey Kong Country music – especially when you add the inclusion of sound effects (jungle sounds and a completely awesome ocean scape). This is probably attributable to his UK background. As a sick joke, the game also contains Elevator Music. I have to say the other memorable track in here is “Raptor Rap“, the main jungle theme that my friend and I affectionately called “Jungle Jumper” (Dr. Grant does a LOT of jumping in this game, probably because the jump mechanic is the most interesting way of getting from A to B).

Jurassic Park was also made for the Amiga, NES, and Game Boy. Jonathan Dunn composed the GB version. It sounds more like the C64 than the Game Boy actually. All the music appears to be original, and some of it is actually quite good.



  1. Excellent tune! Dunn also did the NES version’s music, yet the main in-game theme was recycled from the C64 game “Comic Bakery”, composed by Martin Galway (another VGM legend that worked at Ocean).

  2. […] compuestos por Jonathan Dunn, que estuvo creando una gran cantidad de música para los productos de Ocean hasta el año […]

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