Chrono Trigger – “The Darkest Omen” (arr. mv)

August 14, 2010

I love Chrono Trigger music. There’s something magical about Yasunori Mitsuda’s first work, from the pure energy found in each song to its celebration of life and living. Though many of the melodies are a little simplistic compared with Mitsuda’s later work, they are full of the confidence of youth in the ability to do anything. So I really can’t get enough of the Chrono Trigger soundtrack, which is why I’ve posted another of my favorites, this time an arrangement of “The Black Omen” by mv called “The Darkest Omen.”

Chrono Trigger – “The Darkest Omen” (mv)

“The Darkest Omen” actually originally appeared on VGMix 2.0, but was later republished in the arrange album from OC ReMix, Chrono Symphonic – which if you haven’t downloaded it yet, you had best do so! Incidentally, a good deal of the music found in this album was not original to it and instead incorporated into its structure. In the game, the Black Omen is a giant floating spaceship – actually what was left of the Undersea Palace from the Ancient World – within which the evil queen Zeal reigns over the world. The Black Omen can only be assaulted later on in the game, and it serves as a main portal to the game’s primary ending.

mv took the original theme and orchestrated it with some incredible synths. He makes good use of piano and brass, which enhances the emotional impact of the original by providing greater depth, clarity, and impact to the music. The melody is full of terror and wonder at the mysteries of the place, but also the desperation of the fight. Actually, the synths remind me a little of  Castlevania: Curse of Darkness; they just have that same style, which sort of makes me think ‘this is how Michiru Yamane might have arranged it). The piano, is also amazing, a really fine touch that builds at the end of the first loop and provides a nice counter for the second loop beginning around 2:20. I think it’s the piano that really makes this remix memorable, even after all these years.

mv (aka Xavier Dang) is a professional composer (and mixer) from France. He has worked on multiple GBA and DS games.


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