Mobile Suit Gundam Gaiden I – Senritsu no Blue (Bandai)

August 13, 2010

Here’s an obscure title from the Sega Saturn: Mobile Suit Gundam Gaiden I – Senritsu no Blue (Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story I – Dread Blue) by Bandai (sorry, no composer this time). Sometimes you can find quite interesting stuff by listening to a game soundtrack you’ve never heard of, and it can be especially rewarding when you find the title for fairly cheap, like this one. The game seems to be some kind of first-person shooter based on the Gundam series. The soundtrack is surprisingly good, as it is all orchestrated (well, it sounds like it may be a synth orchestra), though fairly short (a half-dozen other Gundam Gaiden games were also made) and ultimately more subdued as it lacks in profusion of memorable melodies.

Mobile Suit Gundam Gaiden I – Senritsu no Blue – “Track 8” (Bandai)

This piece seems to be the main theme of the game, or at least a victory tune/mission briefing menu. Upbeat and intent, this piece possesses soul and spirit through strings and trumpets. There are some quite stirring strings and clarinet here pulling long, punctuated notes built around a hummable melody. I think overall, this makes it one of the best tracks in the short album. Unfortunately, it has a more subdued ending – not a dramatic crescendo as we might expect. Each track makes good use of the Redbook Audio format, creating longer songs with beginning, middle, and end. The orchestral feel, too, makes it seem more like a film score than a game soundtrack.

Mobile Suit Gundam Gaiden I – Senritsu no Blue – “Track 7” (Bandai)

This piece is an example of one of the main battle/mission themes. It’s a pretty lengthy, dynamic track, with trumpets, clarinets, percussion. It’s pretty dramatic, with some nice builds. Later on, it makes use of metal bars and bells, which usually makes for an epic fight, but this seems more normal due to the large number used (repetition cuts back on uniqueness). Pretty enjoyable orchestral music overall, but nothing that stands out significantly in terms of memorable melody.


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