King Kong 2 – Ikari no Megaton Punch – “Main Theme” (Shinya Sakamoto, et al)

August 2, 2010

King Kong 2 – Ikari no Megaton Punch (King Kong 2 – Furious Megaton Punch, 1986) was one of the first compositions by both Shinya Sakamoto (Rush’n Attack) and Kinuyo Yamashita (Castlevania). However, the music is more in line with Mr. Sakamoto’s work than Ms. Yamashita’s, as the composition is eerily similar to the Main Theme from Rush’n Attack. The beat is identical, and the instrument and notes are similar – a steady beat that begins with a low, rolling theme that slowly builds intensity. This seems to obviously be his work, with the main difference as King Kong 2 contains a lazier, jungle feel, particularly with the short intro bit. Actually, there are several different versions of the “Main Theme”, each with its own. Ms. Yamashita’s other work sounds more like the dungeon and boss battle theme. The game is also notable for its exceptionally long tracks, with loops of a minute or more! Granted, there are only a handful of real songs in the game, but this is pretty incredible on the NES, especially for 1987! Overall, a very enjoyable, forgotten Konami classic.

King Kong 2 – Ikari no Megaton Punch – “Main Theme” (Shinya Sakamoto, et al)

Anyway, the game is loosely based off of King Kong Lives, where King Kong, after falling from the Empire State Building, is kept alive in a lab. From there, Kong escapes and tries to rescue his kidnapped girlfriend, Lady Kong, from jungle militia and wild animals. From what I recall, the game plays similar to Zelda (which is interesting, considering the year it was made), with a touch of Metal Gear. A fairly decent game that probably was never released in the US due to copyright.

King Kong 2 was composed by four people. Shinya Sakamoto (Life Force) and Hevimeta Satoe (Stinger) both collaborated on Rush’n Attack before Satoe seems to have dropped off the face of the industry. Kyouhei Sada worked on several other Konami titles (including Rush’n Attack and Contra) before leaving to join Natsume and work on games such as SCAT. Then we have Kuniyo Yamashita who is most famous for her work on Castlevania. She also helped Mr. Satoe compose Stinger. There have been at least two remixes of the theme, one by EtlanZ, and the second on the album with the “promising” title Konamic Game Freaks, neither of which I have.


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