StarCraft – “Terran One” (Glenn Stafford, Derek Duke, Jason Hayes)

July 31, 2010

To follow up on the StarCraft II music, here is my favorite piece from the original StarCraft, “Terran One.” This theme uses the guitars, drums, and synth bass revitalized in the sequel. The StarCraft soundtrack was also available for purchase in iTunes. The composers of StarCraft collaborated on Blizzard’s later works, WarCraft III and StarCraft II.

StarCraft – “Terran One” (Glenn Stafford, Derek Duke, Jason Hayes)

The “Terran One” theme is pretty long at nearly 9 minutes, and as a result, it really feels more like three or four different pieces. The first movement is a kind of space opera with lots of metallic percussion, rock riffs, and the ever-present steady beat of the strings and drums. This is supported by a flute and brass line holding the overlying melody – the introduction is really quite subtle at about 1:26. This is echoed again really subtly at 2:40 before picking back up full force. It’s these steady beats with the brass melody that make this segment memorable.

The piece hits full swing in the second movement beginning about 3:55 where the guitars and trumpets go wild in a kind of dance. Again, the brass with tight beats makes this memorable, and the theme here is much more hummable than the other one. This is PC music at its best! Later on, some funky vocal synths are added (5:30) in something a bit reminiscent of WarCraft 2‘s Humans themes. I think this may be mostly Glenn Stafford’s doing. Anyway, the track finally ends with some excellent guitar work that combines acoustic and rock to great effect. I guess the track is so popular, it even inspired this guy to do an electric violin cover (it’s pretty short)! By the way, “Terran 2” sounds even more like a modern version of the WarCraft 2 Humans themes.


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