Ninja Gaiden Shadow – “Stage 1” (Don)

July 26, 2010

The Game Boy has a pretty awesome sound processor. While unable to encode drum samples like the MMC-equipped NES cartridges, the sound has a bit more fiber, creating stronger music. A good example of this is Ninja Gaiden Shadow (1992), the prequel to Ninja Gaiden on the NES (where Ryu Hayabusa fights a servant of Jaquio, and in the NES version, Jaquio is merely the servant of another guy and so on).

Ninja Gaiden Shadow – “Stage 1” (Don)

Anyway, the track is pretty cool and sounds a little like something from Capcom (though it was made by a composer from either Natsume or Tecmo). The beat here is pretty deliberate, a nice ninja shuffle, and that’s really a big part of what makes it memorable. It’s how videogame ninjas from the 90s moved.

The composer is unknown, listed only as ‘Don’ in the credits. The game was originally going to be an adaptation of Shadow of the Ninja from the NES.


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