Riglord Saga 2 – “Ending ~Main Theme~” (Yasufumi Fukuda)

July 25, 2010

Riglord Saga 2 (1996) is the Japan-only sequel to the Sega Saturn game, Blazing Heroes (aka Riglord Saga in Japan). The series is a strategy RPG with turn-based tactical battles where the player controls a small army. In the first game, the player must defeat an evil wizard trying to open the portals of Mystaria (the game is sometimes known as Shadows of Mystaria). The sequel seems to provide an interesting narrative twist, with the main protagonist as a princess being hunted by the Seven Wisemen for some devious purpose.

Riglord Saga 2 – “Ending ~Main Theme~” (Yasufumi Fukuda)

The music for Riglord Saga 2 contains a wide variety of tunes, with ethnic themes for each of the cities and regions, some with a pop flavor to them – each with the full atmosphere of CD-quality audio. Others are full-on orchestral themes, such as the “Ending ~Main Theme~”. It is a very pleasant, sweeping score that must have been one of the live recorded studio tracks (some of the other pieces sound like they have synths – similar to Arc the Lad, which was touted as the first game to feature a score performed by a live orchestra…). The main theme is rolling and pleasant, with a beautiful call and response between the strings and brass. The piece then transitions into a processional clarinet piece with excellent melodic layering from the strings, which builds into the final section, a redux of the main theme. Anyway, I’m not entirely sure what the context for the song is as I’ve never played the game, but it’s certainly a pleasant orchestral piece to end the day with (or begin, if you check this blog in the mornings!).

Yasufumi Fukuda, the main composer, has worked on a wide range of games, from Sword and Sorcery to the recent arcade/360 shmup, Deathsmiles. His collaborator, Tadashi Ohtsubo, worked with arrangement of the album and also served as the pianist for the orchestra. Mr. Ohtsubo has worked on mostly Sega pieces, including NiGHTS and Sonic World Adventure.


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