Kirby’s Superstar – “King Dedede” (Jun Ishikawa)

July 21, 2010

The fight with King Dedede in Kirby’s Dream Land and Spring Breeze (from Kirby’s Superstar) is a pretty cool concept. Here’s this little pink marshmallow fighting a five-ton penguin inside a boxing ring – and the penguin has a giant mallet. In the background, of course, all his minions are there jeering at you and cheering for him. It’s a pretty epic battle and a great finale to the game. (Incidentally, about the only other game I can recall that has a giant boxing/wrestling match for the final battle is Donkey Kong 64, which ended up as a good level concept with poor execution.) So, at the risk of doing too much Kirby (is that possible) – or more specifically, Kirby’s Superstar – here’s King Dedede’s theme! (Screenshot is from the DS version.)

Kirby’s Superstar – “King Dedede”

For the two-second intro, Kirby smashes into the castle at the top of Mt. Dedede and proceeds to bust his way into the arena. The instrument selection is very Kirby (and hence Jun Ishikawa), with big drums and a wood block. The main melody is played on trumpets with some nice bells and other tones added for emphasis and variety. The version in Kirby’s Superstar is actually better because it adds a third section at the end of the first loop (0:40) – whereas the original just looped at this point. This adds great variety to an a melody that is pretty catchy but would otherwise get old pretty quick. Anyway, the boss music is great for the fight against this bully with a nice bit of lighthearted humor.

“King Dedede” has only one really good remix, and that is the amazing Yoko Shimomura‘s rendition from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. There’s a lot of great percussion here, with better trumpet samples that just add so much emotion and atmosphere to the piece. There’s a nice break for the second loop with a brilliant piano and flutes. The only place I’m really torn is with that synth line as it’s a little too high-pitched.

And…that’s really about it. There’s a club mix from the more miss than hit Peach Mold doujin album (2006) and a couple trance/electronica mixes by cthonic (the other one is from VGMix 2.0, but not really worth sharing). Honestly, not my style.

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