Kirby’s Super Star – “The Underground Jungle” (Jun Ishikawa, Dan Miyakawa)

July 20, 2010

Kirby’s Super Star (1996) happens to be one of my favorite games. Not just because Kirby is a pretty fun character, but because the idea behind the game – to create a single game containing five full original games in one playable by two players. The game was remixed as Kirby’s Super Star Ultra for the Nintendo DS and you can also get it on the Virtual Console. Aside from the final game, Milky Way Wishes, my favorite game in the collection is The Great Cave Offensive, which basically catered to my interest in exploring underground caverns for hidden worlds (something that must have arose from reading Journey to the Center of the Earth as a kid). There’s just something surreal about finding an entire world under the earth (especially one with race car monsters; and people once thought that really existed thanks to the hollow earth hypothesis). Anyway, it still makes good sci fi. The game is pretty cool – explore a giant cave Kirby has mistakenly fallen into, snagging all the loot as you go on your way. In any event, I find the main theme, “The Underground Jungle” to be quite fun, and one of the most memorable moments.

Kirby’s Super Star – “The Underground Jungle” (Jun Ishikawa, Dan Miyakawa)

“The Underground Jungle” is a crazy exploration tune that Pitfall Harry might be envious of. It’s got an amazing drum and percussion section with snare, wood blocks, taiko, and Kirby-style synth drums that really demand the player run forward. There’s a little bit of romance of exploration here as well, exploring a teeming jungle just below the surface and a vast forgotten land. Flute and strings add some nice texture. Granted, the theme does get a little monotonous after awhile, mainly because it repeats the same section twice, the second with variant, before heading to the loop.

Lucky members of Club Nintendo in Japan had the opportunity to get the Kirby Ultra Super Deluxe Original Soundtrack of the DS remake (2009). There was also a remix by doujin artist Makoto Shozu called “The Great Cave Offensive” that is a medley of all songs from the game (this one is pretty cool).

Incidentally, one of my other favorite tunes from this game is “Crystal Caverns,” a dramatic orchestral mix of “Green Greens.” Just the thing you’d expect for discovering a giant, majestic underground city. Great stuff.

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  1. I’m pretty sure this theme uses quarter tone tunings in an arabic scale. Can anyone confirm this or say what scale it is? it’s really cool

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