Castle Crashers – “Sand Castle” (Will Stamper)

July 15, 2010

So Castle Crashers has such an awesome soundtrack that it deserves more than one Daily. Today’s is one that you may not have heard too often, the “Sand Castle” theme by indy game master-composer Will Stamper (Gish, Closure).

Castle Crashers – “Sand Castle” (Will Stamper)

“Sand Castle” is the theme of the…well…sand castle stage. The Moors constructed a castle made of sand in their desert land (apparently by using plastic toy shovels) and the crusading knights must take the fortress in their quest to reclaim the kindapped princesses. Watch out for the giant warriors – if you don’t have a good ranged attack, they will do some serious damage to you!

Anyway, the theme is pretty soothing and trance-like, with a great drumbeat and accompanying percussion coupled with an atmospheric blast of guitars and synth line that floods the room with a waterfall of sound. It comes straight out of the desert lands to you sound system. A nice drum beat and The track is a little cooler than the outside desert theme (“don’t”) as it’s inside a building and while it isn’t really melody-based (more tone-based), it’s a wonderfully addicting piece.

By the way, most of the Castle Crashers soundtrack (excepting the work by Will Stamper) can be downloaded via the Castle Crashers portal. “Dark Skies,” “Vain Star,” and “Rage of the Champions” are three of the best. Not sure why Stamper’s work hasn’t been distributed there yet, but it sure is a pity considering how good it is and how popular the game has been.


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