Super Castlevania IV – “Treasure Room (Stage 9 BGM)” (Masanaru Adachi & Taro Kudo)

July 13, 2010

I have to say I’m a pretty big fan of Super Castlevania IV. The multi-directional whip controls, crouch-walk, whip flick, and whip swing make this one of the strongest in the classic Castlevania series. Though Simon still controls a little clunky and the graphics are pretty poor (it was a first-gen title, after all), the abilities and music make up for it. I’ve already said that “Simon’s Theme” is my favorite Castlevania tune, but there are plenty of other songs in the game that are worth mentioning – particularly “Treasure Room”.

Super Castlevania IV – “Treasure Room (Stage 9 BGM)” (Masanori Adachi & Taro Kudo)

“Treasure Room” has a nice piano opening – the piano library in this game is quite good. The atmosphere of this stage is excellent : stone towers piled with molding treasure rising high above misty pits while the ghosts of the damned rise up from the depths. The high, carefree notes recall not only the piles of gold (money, money, money!) but also the heights to climb – and the deathpits to avoid. Overall, a fun tune with a memorable melody.

I’m actually a little surprised a lot of the tracks from CV4 have not found their way into the remix zone. It’s by far the most gothic of soundtracks in the series with the somber melodies of a land overrun by vampires. I really can’t recommend the soundtrack enough.

Masanori Adachi also worked on Rush’n’Attack, Snatcher, and Rocket Knight Adventures, all excellent soundtracks. His assistant, Taro Kudo, helped with Super Mario RPG. Both worked together on Freshly-Picked Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland (o_O).


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