Thexder Neo – “THEXDER (Main Menu)” (Hibiki Godai)

July 10, 2010

Today’s Daily comes from a game I’ve so far only managed to see the title screen of: Thexder Neo. This was on the demo PS3, and while I didn’t get a chance to play it, I did get to listen to the title screen for quite a bit. Anyway, a little bit of research tells me that Thexder Neo is a remake of the PC-88 and MSX game where you control a mech that can morph into a spaceship and shoot lazers out of its face. Which is pretty cool, if a bit 80’s.  You fly through a giant maze with the goal of exploding some glowy thingies and giant robot monsters. Anyway, the game was remade this year for the PSN and PSP by as far as I can tell the same team that did the original. The game’s composer, Hibiki Godai, composed the entire Thexder series as well as Silpheed. This version is from the PSP release:

Thexder Neo – “THEXDER (Main Menu)” (Hibiki Godai)

Listening to the title theme, “THEXDER (Main Menu)” is the main theme of the game. Dramatic trumpets and strings create an impressive melody. The track is immediately memorable for the opening notes: bold trumpets forming a heroic score that rolls smoothly from the speakers. A different version plays in stages 1-2, but I find the main menu version to be better. The title theme is really expertly composed, though ultimately a little short (a little excusable for being the title theme, but not really for the Stage 1-2 version).

The rest of the soundtrack is an action-packed electronica score with impressive instruments and strong melody (“Stage 7-8” is one of my other favorites while the “Last Boss” theme has some great percussion with some excellent choral support). It is actually a little reminiscent of Gradius V. The credits theme “Moonlight Sonata” (this is used in the “Game Over” theme), while not the Beethoven version (it’s an impressive victory march), has an admittedly odd title for such a famous piece to have the same name. In any event, I will say the game has an excellent, memorable score with great melody that hearkens back to a time when good, simple melody was the most important part of a game soundtrack. While none of the other tracks stand out as much as “THEXDER”, they do have a melody that is subtly memorable.


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