Pikmin – “Pikmin” (Hajime Wakai)

July 6, 2010

Pikmin (2002) is one of the most calming games I’ve ever played. The background music is relaxing (especially “Forest of Hope”) and not at all aggressive, the Pikmin and Captain Olimar have a fine sense of humor, and the game has a slow pace with ease of control. My only real complaint is that there is a timer, and so I always have to worry about whether or not I can rebuild the spaceship! Due to the strange ant-like Pikmin, the game has a fascinating main theme that’s quite unlike most other music out there.

Pikmin – “Pikmin” (Hajime Wakai)

“Pikmin,” also known as “Main Theme,” is the song that appears on the title screen. It’s a crazy kind of tribal music, complete with a rustling percussion line accompanied by woodblocks, ululations, and an odd assortment of drums. The main synth line also sounds a bit like a native instrument – a kind of reedy flute. In all, the music captures the alien nature of this tribe of creatures that lives underneath the flower bed. This world literally is Miyamoto’s garden.

“Pikmin” saw an arrangement in Super Smash Bros. Brawl by Kentaro Ishizaka as a stage theme for the normally peaceful Captain Olimar. It’s a very playful theme slightly reminiscent of Kid Icarus that quickly jumps into a conga line mix with a fantastic drumline, guitar, and what I think are uilleann pipes (so it feels slightly Celtic). This is all blue skies and dancin’ fun.

Outside of the Pikmin series, composer Hajime Wakai has worked on Star Fox 64, F-Zero X, and Mario Kart Wii, among others. Certainly a versatile composer with plenty of classics under his belt.


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