Shadow of the Colossus – “Swift Horse” (Kow Otani)

June 27, 2010

Third and probably last installment from Shadow of the Colossus. “Swift Horse” is fairly different from the other tracks in that it lacks the ominous size, discord, and intense fighting of the other pieces and is instead driven by string and trumpets. The track is actually not used in the game (at least not the NTSC version) but does appear on the time trial screen in the Japanese version. It is an illustrative piece for Agro, demonstrating his free spirit, nobility, and strength in battle – along with an indication of his fate in the closing notes. The driving strings and trumpets match the rhythm of the horse’s gallop.

Shadow of the Colossus – “Swift Horse” (Kow Otani)

Incidentally, there are a few remixes for Shadow of the Colossus floating out there, including this one for “Swift Horse”. The track actually seems to work pretty well as a guitar piece, especially because the original has such smooth progression – though it lacks the variety of instrumentation in the original (especially those bells). The game’s epic soundtrack seems to translate pretty well to guitar. There is also a guitar mix of “The Open Way” by the same guy. You can read more reviews of individual songs off this FAQ.

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  1. Agro fuckin rulez

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