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Persona 4 – “Reach out to the Truth -First Battle-” (Shouji Meguro)

June 16, 2010

Persona 4 (2008) is one of the best RPGs on the PS2, combining dungeon crawling with a dating sim, established in the third title (it’s a lot cooler than it sounds). The fourth installment is a bit more forgiving than the previous version (for one, you can control all four characters directly), and it’s got a bit more interesting story and characters to boot (it’s also a mystery). Shouji Meguro’s soundtrack supports the themes of friendship and cooperation established by the game’s narrative and mechanics of helping everyone out. This is best represented through the main battle theme song, “Reach out to the Truth.” The lyrics are sung by Reiko Tanaka (who also sang for Persona 3).

Persona 4 – “Reach out to the Truth -First Battle-” (Shouji Meguro)

“Reach out to the Truth” is a little unusual in that it is a lyrical song for the thousands of battles players fight (the game contains lyrical tracks for many other occasions, too). As a result, the lyrics are memorable to most players, particularly the chorus. Players fight weaker enemies in these battles, and the uplifting and light nature of the music reinforces themes of friendship and cooperation. The first time this song plays, it contains a 12 second intro not present in the main version (which contains three lines of lyrics instead). I personally like the instrumental introduction to that version more, so it’s the one included above.

I have to admit the lyrics are a little broken, but the hopeful lyrics and upbeat melody of the refrain make it one of my favorites on the album.

[Intro for main version]

Now I face out I hold out

I reach out to the truth of my life

Seeking to seize on the whole moment, yeah Read the rest of this entry ?