Loco Roco – “LocoRoco’s Song ~LocoRoco Yellow Version~” (Nobuyuki Shimizu)

June 15, 2010

Loco Roco (2006) is one of the reasons I got a PSP. It’s a cross between pinball and pachinko – you have to maneuver these little guys called LocoRocos to the end gate by tilting the world back and forth and bouncing them into the air and either joining them into large masses or splitting them apart. You need to avoid spikes and flying black tentacle things called Muja that will eat the Rocos. The music from the game is like muppets on crack, and it’s absolutely hilarious to listen to. It works so well because what they are singing is…lyrical, but it’s made-up words that sound a bit like musical instruments, but also like actual words. It’s pretty unique and hard to categorize (other than insane, I mean), but I don’t think it could have been made anywhere other than Japan as there is something distinctly Japanese about it. The music captures a sense of joy about life, nature, and friends, and exploring the world. Anyway, here is the main theme, “LocoRoco’s Song ~LocoRoco Yellow Version~”, the title theme. I smile broadly every time I hear this, and I hope you do as well. The music was composed Nobuyuki Shimizu and the lyrics penned by Tsutomu Kouno. The video below is from the trailer of the game.

Loco Roco – “LocoRoco’s Song ~LocoRoco Yellow Version~” (Nobuyuki Shimizu, Tsutomu Kouno)

Here are the lyrics so you can sing along:

pacchonbo- moi-inoinoi chakaretapatton pankorakettonto-n

no-ra churere-rotton poraporapetton pu-orattantan

pappu-ra mo-inoinoi chakaretapatton pankorakettonto-n

o-ra poruketthi-no poporattantanso-!

kokoreccho pie-nto-ra ma-nima-ni ungarafoccha-ra

de-ra totora-pethiton totora-pothiton senekiniko-se-pon

kororeccho pie-nto-ra ma-nima-ni ungarafoccha-ra

de-ra totora-pethiton totora-mathisi-po-n!

pacchonbo- mo-inoinoi chakaretapatton pankorakettonto-n

no-ra churere-rotton locorocopetton pu-rorattantan

pappu-ra mo-inoinoi chakaretapatton pankorakettonto-n

o-ra poruketthi-no poporattantanso-!

There are actually six different versions of this song as there are six different LocoRocos, each with a distinctive accent loosely associated with different cultures – kids, French, Italian opera, Indian, Jazz, and J-rock. The LocoRocos sing to the music, creating dynamic music based on how many you have under your control. In addition, each has a different voice, so there are multiple versions of nearly every track. The voices and music also match each LocoRoco’s personality. I picked the Yellow Version for the “LocoRoco’s Song” because I feel it sounds the best – the yellow LocoRoco has a childlike innocence to him, and he is the first character you play as, too.

There are several other tracks that are fun, such as the Blue and Green LocoRocos’ themes (Blue is just brilliant beneath the Van Gogh sky in his level), and the ending theme, “etoule pucoratte! ~Ending Theme~“, which brings all six of the voices together for a lovely chorus. I still think they should have gone for a Yellow Submarine ending and let the Muja join them in peace rather than banish them back into outer space, as I feel that would have perfectly fit with the game’s aesthetics and theme of friendship.

Nobuyuki Shimizu has been composing for games since the late 80s. His works include City Hunter, Wild Arms, and Dream of You… Tsutomu Kouno worked on concept planning and artwork for the legendary Ico and has also worked on Ape Escape 4 and Legend of Dragoon.


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