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Neo Contra – “Mission 1 – Frontline Base 985” (Sota Fujimori)

June 13, 2010

Here’s a little more detailed look at Neo Contra from yesterday (yeah, two in a row from the same soundtrack), but I figured it was worth a little more detailed look. Oh yeah, I also happen to love the comic book-style cover art (yes, that IS a giant mutant baby in my plant, and no, I’m NOT happy to see you!). Incidentally, Konami just announced a new Contra game, Hard Corps: Uprising. Too bad I was never much of a fan of Contra: Hard Corps and the graphics don’t appeal to me too much, just like the new Sparkster. If you’re doing 2.5D, the graphics HAVE to look better than that. Though it lacks the monicker, the gameplay is quite similar and the music has the classic Contra “Jungle” opening. Anyway, here’s some Neo Contra stuff. Pick up the full soundtrack from LostVGM if you’re so inclined. Overall, Shin Contra (Shattered Soldiers) was a better soundtrack.

Neo Contra – “Mission 1 – Frontline Base 985” (Sota Fujimori)

“Mission 1 – Frontline Base 985” is a good example of the type of music from this game. It’s a little more memorable than some of the other tracks as it has a nicely punctuated intro (da-da-da-dadada etc) that mixes well with the techno; too bad it only appears at the start of the song. There’s a nice guitar break about halfway through, but for the most part, you just sit back and trance out in the techno jam; good stuff for shooting, though not what I normally listen to. But hey – it’s all about expanding your horizons. Title seems a little odd (can’t get more generic than “Frontline Base 985”) but I suppose that fits with the techno aesthetic as well.

There are a few other fairly notable tracks (I’m kind of fond of the title and menu themes), but most of the really notable ones are mixes from previous Contras. For instance: “Mission 2-1 – Highway” mixes the bike theme from Shattered Soldiers (Shin Contra) into a more trancy style, there’s a pretty cool techno mix of the Stage 3 theme from Super Contra in “Mission 4-2 – Aircraft Carrier”, and of course “A True Last Boss” – though again, the Shattered Soliders version by Akira Yamaoka was better. LostVGM’s album doesn’t have track fade-outs, but this goes well with the techno sound as the transitions aren’t as abrupt as you’d might think (a couple exceptions though).

What really takes it though is this super-cool Famicom remix of the Neo Contra title theme “Neo” from yesterday, done by m_036. Pretty awesome stuff and really shows off the melody behind that song.