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“Air Man Ga Taosenai” (Sera)


A little-known Japanese mixer known as Sera (Tetsukuzu Okiba) created an internet phenomenon when he composed a song called “Air Man Ga Taosenai” (2007) – I Can’t Beat Air Man. The song really took off when someone uploaded from the album the two machinima videos/cartoons using Mega Man II footage and custom animations. The videos are absolutely hilarious, especially if you’ve played the games – because the funny thing is, Air Man really isn’t that hard! Though this song isn’t VGM, it’s a phenomenon based on a game and isn’t that bad a melody, so I think it fits well here.

There are umpteen different versions of this video. This one by Team Nekokan has subtitles, so you can actually tell what they’re saying.

This is the other good version of the video. The clip is instrumental and contains an extra ending section with credits and a bizarre ending. I actually prefer the instrumental version over the lyrical one (the album has only karaoke though, which isn’t as good, and you can also avoid the jazz version by ShavaDava).

If you want to see someone who REALLY has no time on his hands, see the above video, which mixes “Air Man Ga Taosenai” along with several other famous pop songs using a Super Mario World auto-play level. It poses some interesting questions regarding whether or not this is VGM, but it’s really more a custom song or remix created using in-game audio.

Scinicade did another song that was not as popular, but is still fairly good. It’s about not being able to beat the first Mega Man, which really is a brutal game. This one has also been subtitles.