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Akumajo Dracula X Chronicle – “Ghost Ship Painting” (Yuichi Tsuchiya)

June 8, 2010

Pirates are pretty cool, and so are ghost pirates. “Ghost Ship Painting” (aka “Picture of a Ghost Ship”) from Akumajo Dracula X Chronicle essentially combines both in a level that serves almost as a blast from Castlevania III, a giant ghost ship full of skeleton warriors below and flea men on birds above. And the titular evil painting that means instant death (though I suppose it’s a little unclear – is the title referring to the painting in the ghost ship or a picture of the ghost ship itself?I’m assuming the latter…) ┬áDefinitely not as dynamic as some of the other pieces (“Slash” is particularly good…), but one of my favorites.

Akumajo Dracula X Chronicle – “Ghost Ship Painting” (Yuichi Tsuchiya)

“Ghost Ship Painting” is much more enjoyable for me in Dracula X Chronicle than it is in Dracula X: The Rondo of Blood. For one thing, the instruments are of higher quality, and for another, they retain the minimalism from the original that works quite well with the instrument selection. The acoustic guitar produces a nice metallic pirate-y sound, like the clanging of chains. The drums are also particularly good, especially in the second half of the song (0:54) with the accompanying flute. It’s a really down-to-earth sound that just produces more atmosphere of a pirate ship whereas the pipes, drums, and synth lines sound more like Japanese pop or techno-ninjas. It just goes to show that sometimes a remake can be significantly different from the original, even though both work well in their respective games. Overall, nice rhythm and percussion in the new version for taking on Death’s flagship.

As usual, the original composers are fairly unknown thanks to Konami’s crediting system, but Yuichi Tsuchiya has composed a wide range of titles from Lunar Knights and the Castlevania Pachislot to Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles and Children of Mana.