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Burning Road – “Beginner Course (US Remix)” (Tommy Tallarico)

June 1, 2010

Here’s another obscure game Burning Road (1996), a racer for the PS1. The game was developed in France by Toka, but received a musical facelift when it was released in the US with a soundtrack remixed by Tommy Tallarico (the guitar sounds similar to The Terminator (1993) for Sega CD as well). I heard about this one on Lost VGM, a pretty cool blog that launched back in March. Rimo, the webmaster, has been posting three albums each week from obscure games and out of print albums with great soundtracks. It’s definitely worth checking out! He’s got a few albums on here I had already put in the pipes.

Burning Road – “Beginner Course (US Remix)” (Tommy Tallarico)

Burning Road‘s soundtrack is pretty standard rock fare, though the original tracks certainly have a European feel through the synth lines. Tommy Tallarico strips most of that away for some good old American guitar – just the sort of thing that fits well with muscle cars and exotic racetracks. An easy melody with for the most part low range in scale exerts confidence and balance, perfect for the easy-riding beginner courses.

The original version supplemented the guitar with synth instruments, so it’s a little more dynamic (dare I say, European?) in that regard. However, I could do without the singing of “Burning Road” which I feel is a little redundant – shouldn’t I already know I’m playing Burning Road? It’s not like the road just caught on fire or anything… Sadly, most of the European tracks have this voice over.

The TOKA composers were Michel Golgevit and Olivier Rabat (Far Cry 2, Assassin’s Creed II). The two worked together on Prince of Persia – The Two Thrones and Far Cry: Instincts – Predator, among other titles. Both are top composers at Ubisoft, so both names worth knowing!