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Super Mario Galaxy 2 – “Main Theme” (Mahito Yokota)

May 30, 2010

To wrap up Mario week, here’s a special feature, the live recording of the Main Theme from Super Mario Galaxy 2, courtesy of Minna no Wii, the Japanese equivalent of the Nintendo Channel for Wii. When the first Galaxy was released, Nintendo did a similar thing with the excellent “Gusty Garden Galaxy” two years ago (and this theme actually includes a leitmotif from that game. This piece wasn’t used in its entirety in the game, but elements can be found in “Space Station Galaxy 1”, which is also included below. The track is performed by the impeccable Super Mario Galaxy Orchestra, which also did the first game. In the video, keep your eyes open for Mahito Yokota, Koji Kondo, and Shigeru Miyamoto as they listen to the performance with critical ears. Oh yeah – the drum guy also gets his own sound booth!

The Main Theme is perfect for exploring vast space vistas, the urge to jump forward and see what’s out there, thus capturing the game’s spirit. It does this through use of brass and has an epic opening, with upward and downward sweeping of the music before launching right into the main section with a cymbal crash. The first segment is multi-layered with brass and strings, each interweaving to create depth and make it easy to always here something new with each playback. The second main section has a spacey sound that could be a synth (or maybe it’s created with strings). Here, strings and flute interact in call and response while the drums fill in the low section. Finally, the main theme from Super Mario Galaxy (or “Gusty Garden Galaxy”) makes its triumphant return to fondly recall experiences of the original. Read the rest of this entry ?