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Super Mario Galaxy 2 – “Koopa’s Road” (Mahito Yokota)

May 29, 2010

It feels odd using yet another Super Mario Galaxy 2 remix from Super Mario 64 (after all, that’s what yesterday’s was!). However, “Koopa’s Road” is another track that stands out for me. Whether it’s the song’s driving beat, its atmosphere of a grueling obstacle course from which the track’s name is derived.

Super Mario 64 – “Koopa’s Road”

The snare drums, sticks, and trumpets make for a very precise rhythm, a forward march through conjured images of flames, bubbling lava, and baked stone. The song is simultaneously melancholic and determined, a multi-layered beat and rhythm that drives the player forward, but also a steady upward movement in intensity that never achieves tones of triumph, lying instead in the minor key. Another fineĀ defining point is the exotic synth line in the final section of the loop, a very Kondo-esque plucking that is similar to both Super Mario World andĀ also the Middle East.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 – “Koopa’s Road” (Mahito Yokota)

“Koopa’s Road” from Super Mario Galaxy 2 in contrast is a step to the side of Ravel’s “Bolero”, Read the rest of this entry ?