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No More Heroes – “Gorgeous Blues” (Masafumi Takada)

May 22, 2010

No More Heroes (2008) was one of the quirky M-rated titles that came out for the Wii. It is about an otaku, Travis Touchdown, who buys a mysterious light sword off the internet, the beam katana. He uses the sword to kill the top ten assassins and so he can become the world’s most powerful hitman.

No More Heroes – “Gorgeous Blues” (Masafumi Takeda)

“Gorgeous Blues” is the game’s driving song. Travis Touchdown rolls through the city on a motorcycle the size of a Greyhound bus, named “Schpeltiger”, a rig that’s as much ‘cool’ as it is over-the-top. Hit the gas to fly ahead at mach 1 through the busy intersection, sending trees and signs flying. Anyway, the theme is perfect for cruising with the steady beat and driving guitar, recalling the rolling rock and leather jackets of the 50s. It’s got the happiness and freedom of the road but enough looping to match the city streets.¬†One thing becomes clear: this man is looking for trouble (or just casually wrecking shit as he goes along).

Masafumi Takada (Killer 7, Neko Zamurai, The Silver Case) has been the main composer for Grasshopper Manufacture for many years Read the rest of this entry ?