Metal Combat: Falcon’s Revenge – “Giga-Desp’s Last Stand” (Yuka Tsujiyoko, et al)

May 21, 2010

Metal Combat: Falcon’s Revenge (1993) is one of the more well-known titles for Nintendo’s ill-fated SNES Super Scope peripheral, a giant, unwieldy bazooka that sometimes looked a lot more fun in the commercials than it really was (people who said you would get tired hopping around like a fool playing Wii obviously never saw through the fiction of television commercials). Falcon’s Revenge is the sequel to Battle Clash, the first mech shooting game for the peripheral that was developed under the watchful eye of producer Gunpei Yokoi. Having listened to the soundtracks to both titles, most of the music is not terribly impressive. However, even in these two games, there are some real gems, particularly “Giga-Desp’s Last Stand” from Falcon’s Revenge.

Metal Combat: Falcon’s Revenge – “Giga-Desp’s Last Stand” (Yuka Tsujiyoko, et al)

“Giga-Desp’s Last Stand” is a nice space drama piece full of strings reminiscent of Super Castlevania IV. The intro section to the song also reminds me a little of “Wiley Fortress 2” from Mega Man 2 – they both have the same drama produced from high-tension strings. This drama really builds in the middle section of the song (beginning around 39), where a nice drum beat and a low cello holding the bass. The loop of 1:12 is pretty decent for this period. The song plays during the final battle.

Falcon’s Revenge was composed by Yuka Tsujiyoko (Fire Emblem series, Paper Mario series), Kenichi Nishimaki (WarioWare series, Paper Mario series), and Masaya Kuzume (Tetris Attack). Both Tsujiyoko and Nishimaki worked together on Battle Clash. Most of the rest of the soundtrack wasn’t that good, but “Happy Ending” has a nice spacey instrument set and is a fairly enjoyable listen.


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