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Ninja Gaiden – “Death of a Legend” (Russell Cox)

May 13, 2010

“Death of a Legend”, by Russell Cox, is another old OCR mix. It is an arrangement of “Requiem“, the theme that plays after Ryu is forced to fight his father, Ken. Ken sacrifices himself to save his son from one of Jaquio’s fireballs. He spends the following two battles lying on the ground dying and afterward decides to go down with the castle. “Requiem” is a melancholic reunion, on the one hand containing the joy of seeing a father who we thought was dead, but on the other the shock and sadness of his sudden loss. There is a certain tenderness of a lullaby to this theme that grasps the father-son bond most tightly.

Ninja Gaiden – “Death of a Legend” (Russell Cox)

“Death of a Legend” is an orchestral piece that imagines the scene unfolding in more detail, like a film, particularly with the breaks in the middle and the fading at the end. The theme plays six times, each with a different variation, beginning with the touching clarinet, then moving to the proud trumpets before adding strings and finally harp. Cox also adds new materials (1:04 and 2:29) that flow nicely with the rest of the theme. Sadly, the piece doesn’t really take the track to its full potential.

“A Decision – Father’s Letter”

“Requiem” plays as a response to the introduction theme “A Decision -Father’s Letter” Read the rest of this entry ?