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Secret of Evermore – “Greek Temple” (Jeremy Soule)

May 9, 2010

This is the first Daily by Jeremy Soule (pronounced like ‘cool’), and it is from his premier soundtrack, Secret of Evermore (1995; HG101 also has a great overview of the game). This unique title was created by Square USA as one of the few SNES RPGs that never saw release in Japan. The game is about a young kid from the ordinary American town of Podunk, who opens up a portal to an alternate world created by scientists in the 1960s. The boy and his dog travel through time, beginning in the prehistoric era and heading through the ancient Mediterranean and Medieval era to the future. Along the way, the boy gives hard-earned wisdom from countless the B-movies he’s seen. The game featured a real-time battle system similar to Secret of Mana/Seiken Densetsu, but featured an alchemical magic system rather than a mana-based system. While there are many great songs in the game, I have to pick “Greek Temple” (aka “Collosia, Chamber 1”) as my favorite. Oh yeah, the album also has awesome cover art that doesn’t look a thing like the boy from the game!

Secret of Evermore – “Greek Temple” (Jeremy Soule)

“Greek Temple” plays in a giant temple to the south of a bronze-age city modeled loosely after Ancient Greece. The harp and strings provide a cool, atmospheric base to the dark temple, filling the long corridors that fade into darkness. The flute adds highlights to the space, whistling through the dark to evoke curiosity and wonder. Some buzzing percussion (0:54) adds to the spell and makes full use of the stereo. Soft and calming, “Collosia, Chamber 1” is certainly a keeper. Soule arranged the track in the official Secret of Evermore album.

Soule’s debut soundtrack is amazing. A good number of the tracks in Evermore are quite memorable, just as the game itself stands out for its uniquely American feel so many years later. Read the rest of this entry ?