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Eiyuu Kourin ~The Seven Heroes and Cinderella~ – “France Field” (Taketo Itou)

May 8, 2010

Here’s another obscure game that was discovered by the hard-working folks at Slightly Dark (don’t let the lack of recent updates fool you!). Practically nothing is known about Eiyuu Kourin ~The Seven Heroes and Cinderella~ (1997), other than it has a soundtrack CD. It’s probably some kind of obscure Japanese PC RPG that is sounds like a loose mixing of the Snow White and Cinderella stories, with the seven heroes coming from different parts of the world (France, Mongolia, Japan…) to defend – or perhaps woo – the princess (the title roughly translates as “visitation of the heroes”, with the album art suggesting the princess is awaiting marriage to one of them).

Eiyuu Kourin ~The Seven Heroes and Cinderella~ – “France Field” (Taketo Itou)

“France Field” seems a little generic, with broad, sweeping strings and a steady beat, but it has a nice progression into a piano and strings movement for the second and third parts of the song. The music has a nice pastoral feel of rolling hills, and is┬áreminiscent of standard adventure and RPG game map themes. Ironically, I think it is the soundtrack’s familiarity that makes it simultaneously both memorable and generic.

Other favorite tracks include “Japan Field” and “China Field”. I find myself drawn to the pop theme song “I Want to Meet You“, mainly because it sounds vaguely familiar and I just can’t place it. While it feels like a fairly generic pop theme, “I Want to Meet You” has an oddly Asian ring to it that reminds me of the main theme to Chinese epic films such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.┬áThe song is sung by Satomi Koorogi, whose career includes mostly drama albums like Gunparade March. She has a gorgeous voice, packing a lot of tremulous emotion into the lyrics that seem to float over the rolling fields. The song is by Kazuaki Miyaji (Momotaro Densetsu).